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Yoshi's Tongue

2011-09-21 05:30:49 by SKmarioman

My next flash is up! To see it, scroll down to my latest flash submission.

Could be a while...

2011-08-17 04:26:14 by SKmarioman

I have a lot of work to do now, so it could be a while before I make another flash.

My current plans of my next flash will be about my favourite Mario character:

Could be a while...

I'm back!

2011-05-17 05:20:17 by SKmarioman

I'm finally back. All my flash problems are over and I am now making flashes. I hope you enjoy my new flash:

I'm back!

A sneak peak...

2011-05-03 05:57:15 by SKmarioman

OMG spoilers! Not really, It's not the biggest giveaway to the animation.

A sneak peak...


2011-04-14 23:33:17 by SKmarioman

Flash Player is working now! Now I can start making flashes! Here's a sneak peak to my next flash:


Flash Problems

2011-01-21 04:05:13 by SKmarioman

I'm experiencing problems with Adobe Flash so it might be a while before I submit anything else.

Finally, A good submission

2011-01-19 23:33:46 by SKmarioman

Most of my earlier submissions were a kind of a bust, but I've been getting good votes on my latest submission, Birabuto Kingdom.

You should go check it out!

Latest Flash Plans

2010-12-29 17:31:31 by SKmarioman

Birabuto Kingdom (Super Mario Land)

Wing Cap Mario

Mario vs the Flagpole

Latest Flash Plans

2010-12-07 16:28:45 by SKmarioman

Super Mario Land Bloopers

Wing Cap Mario (with lol skatman)

New Flash

2010-12-02 02:09:49 by SKmarioman

I'm going to start doing a Super Mario Land movie instead of Super Mario All-Stars, and put that up another time.